Great Tips & Tricks for Moving in NYC

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Planning any move is tough. It’s even tougher when the move is within the crowded, competitive world of New York City.


Worry not! With a bit of expert advice, moving in the Big Apple can be a breeze. Here are our best tips and tricks for an easier move in New York City.


Before Moving Out


Score Some Free Boxes

Take advantage of the multitude of storefronts our city offers. Wander down to your closest bodegas and liquor shops and ask for extra boxes. Most staff will be happy to get their leftover trash off their hands.


Make sure to check each box for sturdiness. Even if they’re not all in perfect condition, some heavy duty moving tape like this Duck MAX Strength Packaging Tape, can reinforce any flimsiness.


Hire A Mover

Yes. We live in a ridiculously expensive place and it’s tempting to try and scrimp in every way possible. However, moving may not be the time to do it.


If you’re one of the 54.5% of New Yorkers living car-free, how will you transport your belongings to your new home? Even if you do find a truck, do you really want to carry beautiful kitchen table down three flights of stairs, across half of Brooklyn, and up to your new place on the top floor by yourself?


Moving may be an easy DIY scenario in a smaller town, but here you should trust the experts. And an extra tip? If cost is an issue, try to move into your new place anytime NOT at the end of the month. Most New Yorkers move during the last week of each month which greatly increases prices. Choosing an earlier date can reduce rates dramatically.


Start Planning Early

Don’t put off planning your move or packing until the last minute. From comparing moving company quotes, to figuring out how to get your pet to your new home, procrastination will only result in major headaches and rising costs.


Especially in NYC, there will be countless others looking to move at the same time. Get in before the competition to snag the lowest rates for cleaners, moving services, pet taxis, and more.


This is also essential for planning out any logistics or confirming any helping hands. What’s worse than moving day coming around and then realizing you haven’t figured out how to get your massive couch down to the East Village, or the friends you assumed would help are actually out-of-town?


When Moving Out


Pack Smart

Packing like a professional can make all the difference when it comes to carefully transporting your possessions, and making your life infinitely easier once you move in.


Here are a few of our favorite smart packing tips:


  • Use boxes that are just larger than whatever it’s storing, allowing for minimal extra room for your things to slip and slide. Use bubble wrap to pad any extra room.


  • Accurately label the room or category of what’s stored inside each box and clearly write “THIS SIDE UP” and “FRAGILE” for such items.


  • Take an inventory. Create both a master inventory list of all of your belongings, as well smaller inventory lists of what’s inside each box. Place those lists sealed within its respective box.


For advice specifically for packing up your most precious items, check out our blog about Packing Your Valuables for a Move here.


Use an App

We’re all about using technology to make life a little bit easier. There are some great moving apps on the market that can help simplify your relocation.


With Sortly, you can create barcodes and QR labels to track your inventory with ease. Wunderlist will help you stay organized with lists, deadlines, reminders, and more that can all be shared with those assisting with the move. Or try TaskRabbit where you can hire a helping hand for anything from packing to disassembling your bike for moving.



When Moving In


Unpack Damage-Free

Don’t cause damage to your new place on the first day. Make sure you use floor protection while moving in like moving pads or blankets. This is also where hiring help, or a strong trusted friend or family member, can pay off in the long run.


Explore Your New Neighborhood

Now for the fun part. Wander down nearby the streets. Check out your new favorite bars, restaurants and parks. Get to know your neighbors. You’re now moved into your new home sweet home. Start falling in love with it.


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