Tips and Moving Hacks for Commercial Moving in Brooklyn

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Commercial moving in Brooklyn can be a daunting task if you do not hire the right company. Moving a business is different than moving a residence because you have employees, equipment, and working hours to think about. It is imperative that you hire a company like Veteran Movers who understands the logistics of moving in and out of Brooklyn to handle your next commercial transfer.

There are a few simple steps that you should follow during the planning phase of your commercial move that will make it less stressful. Below we will discuss those steps and a few moving hacks learned from many years of commercial moving in Brooklyn.

Early preparation is the key to commercial moving in Brooklyn

Moving your business or moving into a new office can take six months to a year to complete, so it is important that you begin the process early. Start by making an inventory of all of the items that need to be moved. This will accomplish two things:

  1. Inventory will allow your moving company to provide you with an accurate estimate for your commercial move.
  2. You can refer to this list after your move is complete to make sure everything made it to your new office.

Many companies and offices keep a running inventory list of office supplies and equipment, so making this list will not be as daunting as it might seem.

Preparing an inventory list will also help your moving company provide you with a realistic timeframe for the completion of your move. Early preparation and hiring the best Brooklyn movers will make your commercial move a breeze.

Research Brooklyn moving companies online

Before hiring a company to conduct your commercial move in Brooklyn, you should research online reviews of their past jobs. Reading about another company’s experience will give you an idea of what it is like to hire that company. This will also prevent you from making a mistake and hiring the wrong moving company.

Veteran Movers  is the top-rated moving company in Brooklyn because they make customer satisfaction a priority.

Schedule your commercial move to Brooklyn for off-work hours

Part of the difficulty of moving a business is planning the move so it doesn’t interrupt business hours. You want to plan a move that is efficient and cost-effective. This means scheduling the actual move around non-business hours so you do not interrupt productivity.

The best Brooklyn movers understand this, which is why they will be happy to schedule your move around the work week. They will provide you with an arrival window that works best for your business. Do not hire a moving company that is unwilling to work around your company’s schedule.

Organize your new office space before the movers arrive

Office managers should obtain a layout of the new space they are moving to in Brooklyn so that they can organize the office before your move. Moving day can be hectic and you will need to have everything prepared before the movers arrive to ensure a smooth transfer.

Planning your new commercial space before moving to Brooklyn will prevent a lot of confusion and wasted time on moving day. It is also important to make sure everything from your old office will fit into your new space. If you discover that it won’t, then this is a good time to get rid of some clutter or find adequate storage space before your move.

Pack up your business for the move to Brooklyn

Now it is time to pull out the inventory list you made previously and use it while you pack your commercial belongings. Cross reference the list as you prepare items to be packed to make sure everything goes where it needs to. Then, as your items are unpacked in your new office, cross reference the inventory list again to make sure everything survived the transfer.

Some of the best movers in Brooklyn will offer to pack and unpack your office items for you. Your employees need to focus on working for the business and not packing boxes. So you should let professionals like Veteran Movers handle the packing and unpacking of your office so your employees can keep working.

Hire the best Brooklyn movers

In addition to researching online reviews, you should also check for proper credentials before hiring any brooklyn moving company. The Department of Transportation has a list of certified interstate movers on their website. Never hire a company that is not on this list. You should also make sure a moving company is properly insured before agreeing to let them handle your commercial move in Brooklyn.

Veteran Movers will gladly provide you with all of this information and answer any questions you may have about commercial moving in Brooklyn. Call 212-812-5240 or fill out the form below to get a free quote.

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