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Moving is a hassle for anyone. Now imagine the added confusion for our cat or dog family members. A comfortable, predictable life becomes upended as the place our pets called home suddenly disappears for reasons unknown.


There are added complexities to moving with pets if you’re moving to or within New York City. With distinct regulations and a one-of-a-kind culture, how do you ensure your pet experiences the smoothest move possible in the Big Apple?


Relax & Take It Slow


All animals are extremely perceptive. Even the slightly hint at a change in routine can ring alarm bells. Instead of waiting until the last minute turning their world into a sudden frenzy, start packing well ahead of time.


Slowly packing away your belongings eases their anxiety by getting them used to this new routine. Also try to focus on one room at a time, and as you eventually box up more of your current home, leave one of their favorite rooms intact as long as possible. This provides a safe place for them to retreat to.


Once in your new home, immediately set a space to be their new “safe” room and keep them there while you unpack. Place unwashed toys, beds, and other items from their last home to emphasize that this belongs to them. As you unpack the rest of the home, this room will become a familiar space amidst the chaos.


Be sure to also stay as calm as possible during the entire process. If your pets notice your anxiety rise during the move, it’s almost guaranteed that theirs will too.


Get a Pet Taxi or Pet Mover


Don’t forget the logistics of getting Fluffy from Point A to Point B. Transporting your pet in NYC can be a challenge that many don’t think about.


If using the subway, moving a small dog or cat is usually fairly simple as they are permitted if confined in a carrier and not a nuisance. This poses a problem for larger dogs though. Calling a taxi, Uber or Lyft, could be an option, but it’s all up the discretion of the driver.


Instead, simplify your move and book a service with one of NYC’s pet taxi services. There are plenty of reputable companies like Canine Car or Pet Chauffeur to easily get your pet safely to their new home.

For more on getting around New York City with your pet, check out this great guide from Urban Dog NYC.


Check With Your Landlords


New Yorkers may love their dogs, but that doesn’t mean our landlords do. Never assume that you can negotiate your pet’s way into your new home or try to sneak them in.


Always ensure that you lease an apartment that clearly allows for your specific pet or pets, including any possible breed or size restrictions. Also, be sure to budget for additional pet rent and pet deposits.


Yes, all of these additional costs and roadblocks can be a pain. Still, it’s better than being slapped with a massive penalty fee, or worse, having to choose between your beloved pet or walking away from long-term lease agreement.


Find Your Closest Emergency Vet


When a medical emergency strikes, don’t waste precious time scrambling to figure out where to bring your pet. A few extra minutes can literally save their life.


If moving within NYC, many choose to keep their trusted vet for general wellness, even if that means an occasional trek. However, getting from Chelsea to Flushing when disaster strikes isn’t much of an option. Make sure you know where the closest 24-hour pet care facility is located and put them on speed dial.


Be Licensed & Law Abiding


Moving is also a great time to check that you’re caught up with the legalities of pet ownership in New York.
Especially if you’re brand new to NYC, have you correctly licensed your dogs and are the licenses up-to-date? If not, simply hop onto the NYC Health Dog Licenses page to learn more about licensing your dog and download the application. It’s easy and affordable at $8.50/year for spay or neutered pups.


Also ensure you understand all applicable pet laws in NYC. For example, new laws regarding  dining with dogs in NYC restaurants have recently been updated. It’s now easier than ever to take your pooch to dinner, but there still are restrictions in place.


In addition, laws for picking up what Rover leaves behind are increasingly stringent. Remember, part of owning a dog means picking up poop. Not doing so could leave you with a fine of $250, and a lot of nasty looks from your neighbors.


Make the Move


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