8 Tips In Choosing Moving Companies In Brooklyn

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You can easily find moving companies in Brooklyn. Regardless of when you’re planning to schedule your move day or your budget for the move, there will always be a moving company in Brooklyn which fits the bill. However, as a smart mover who wants to make the most of their services, you should be careful about the moving services you choose to hire. Remember, you’re paying for these professional movers to make your move easier and more convenient, not make it stressful


As mentioned, Brooklyn boasts of several professional moving companies. More often than not, you’ll find a handful of options in your neighborhood. And while it can be tempting to hire the first moving company you come across with, you should never do it. You should take the time to choose a moving company in Brooklyn – and here’s how you can do it:


  1.    Take the time to get referrals.


Choosing which moving company to hire can be stressful, especially if you live in a big city such as New York City. Because a lot of people need the services of a professional mover, expect that you’ll never run out of options. If you want to narrow down your search, ask referrals from your friends and family. If they hired a moving company in the past, they could surely provide names of the companies you can and can’t trust. And since these people have firsthand experience with a specific moving company, you’ll know how to properly set your expectations.


  1.    Read reviews from the online community.


The referrals you can get from your friends and family can do wonders. Since you personally know these people, you can ask whatever questions you might have about a particular moving company and get accurate answers from them. But if you want to know more about a particular moving company in Brooklyn, do your own research and read reviews from the World Wide Web. If a moving company has a website, check its reviews, and determine if this moving company is what you’re looking for. You should also visit different online platforms such as social media and online forums to check if a moving company provides high quality moving services.


  1.    Always follow the rule of thirds.


Moving can require time from you – and the same is also true when you’re looking for a moving company in Brooklyn which has a good track record. Don’t immediately settle with the first moving company you come into contact with. Even if this company was referred by your friends and family, don’t immediately hire them. Instead, you should scout for at least three options, inquire about their services and costs, and choose after. Having at least three moving companies on your list will allow you to easily compare which moving company is too expensive or too cheap.


  1.    Make sure that they’re insured and licensed.


If you’re living in a big area such as the East Coast, you’ll stumble upon moving companies which offer the “best” and “cheapest” services in the market. More often than not, they will even make use of extravagant marketing campaigns just to haul in customers. And while there’s nothing really wrong in patronizing these kinds of moving companies, you need to be careful that these companies are actually insured and licensed. These two certifications can speak volumes about the quality of the services they can provide and the legitimacy of their business, as well.

These should be one of your inquiries the moment you schedule an appointment with a particular moving company.


And as a smart customer, don’t just take their word for it – always ask copies of the documents which can prove their claim. If you have the time, also cross check with the state offices in your area about the license and insurance of the moving company.


  1.    Pay attention to red flags.


You’re planning to hire a moving company in Brooklyn because you trust that they can provide a quality move to the entire household. Because of their skills, experience, and tools, you believe that they can make your upcoming move lighter. However, you can only bask in these benefits if you end up hiring a moving company which provides high-quality services. If you notice any of these red flags in a moving company, start to look for other options:


  • Never entrust your hard-earned money to a moving company which asks for a cash deposit before the move, especially when they’re asking for full payment days or weeks before your moving day. If a moving company is too hungry for your money – and not the intention of actually helping you and your entire family for the move – move on and look for another moving company. This is one of the most obvious signs that you’re falling into a scam and that the moving company is clearly just after your money. Working with a moving company like this one can only lead to unwanted stress and expenses.


  • The services and costs of the moving company are essential deciding factors. But as a mover, these aren’t the only things that you should consider. You should also assess how the moving company treats you as a customer. Do they treat you with respect? Are they professional during your meetings? Do they make it easy to reach them whenever you need help? Customer service should also be considered when choosing a moving company in Brooklyn.


  • You’ll have a lot of things on your plate once you decide to move. For one, you’ll have to properly transport all of your valuables to ensure their safety and condition. This is one of the reasons why you should only hire a moving company which shows up with a moving van. The moving company should also have the necessary equipment for the move. If they don’t have any of these things the moment you decide to meet them, cross them off your list.


  1.    Verify the physical address.


Because of the advent of technology, it’s now easy to pose as a legitimate moving company. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can market yourself as a moving company even without the necessary licenses and insurances. To ensure that you don’t fall victim to any of these schemes, always verify the physical address of the moving company. Once you have the name of a moving company in Brooklyn, get their physical address, and decide to visit them. Never settle for a moving company which can’t and won’t provide you with their physical address.


  1.    Check the experience.


Sure, moving will be basically about transferring from one place to another, but contrary to popular belief, a move can happen in different ways. You might move within the same city, to another or city or even to another country. And each of these moves will require a different level of expertise, experience, and tools. Before you choose a moving company in Brooklyn, ask about their professional experience. If you’re planning to have a long distance move anytime soon, ask if they have had experience in doing this kind of move. Also, inquire if they’re aware of the legal requirements of the move. Only hire a moving company which knows how to handle the kind of move you’re going to have, not someone who is still a neophyte.


  1.    Understand the billing and payment process.


More often than not, you’re working 9-5 just to afford the services of a moving company in Brooklyn. If you’re planning to avail of other services such as moving storage and moving boxes, you might even need to adjust your spending habits just so you can afford all of these. If you don’t want your upcoming move to become the reason for you to experience too many debts, understand the billing and payment process of a particular moving company. It’s not enough that you’re provided with their estimates – you should know how these are computed and what possible factors could influence this computation.


As a paying customer, you should never hire a moving company which isn’t transparent with their billing and payment process. You should also ask whatever questions you might have about these matters to ensure that both parties are on the same page. Never affix our signature to any legal document unless you’ve understood the moving company’s billing and payment process.


Only Hire The Best


Because of the tasks required from you, a move can be very time-consuming and stressful. You’ll be bombarded with a lot of responsibilities in order for your upcoming move to be successful. Aside from your patience and determination to move in the fastest way possible, let this article become your guide in choosing a moving company in Brooklyn. You’ll be surprised how these simple tips can help you find the perfect moving company for your needs and budget!

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