Tipping Guide

Some Tips on Tipping

Tipping your mover is customary! It’s a way to say “thank you for a job well done”. Movers depend on tips just like waiters, waitresses, and other people in the service and hospitality industries. Movers have a difficult and demanding job. Most movers go above and beyond to provide a high level of service and a stress-free move. Let them know you appreciate their hard work! And keep in mind that the price of your move doesn’t include a tip.

Tipping Budget Suggestions

You can base your tip on the total cost of your move and the type of move. Use the below as a guide for reasonable and customary tips for experienced movers:



of the total move cost



of the total move cost per
moving team at pick up and



of the total cost

(If your crew did an amazing job or you had them move a piano or move you into a 5th story walk-up, you might want to consider increasing your tip.)

Things to Consider When Tipping

Below are some considerations to keep in mind when you decide how much to tip your movers:

Quality of Service
  • Movers arrived on time.
  • Movers were professional and respectful.
  • Movers handled your belongings with care.
  • Movers followed safety protocols such as wearing their PPE equipment.
  • Movers provided outstanding service.
Complexity of Your Move

Think about how complicated your move is. For example, you may want to consider how many days it would take to start and finish the entire moving process. Think about how much they had to pack, carry and unpack. Any other challenges like moving large and heavy pieces, or having to move the items up and down multiple flights of stairs? Take that into consideration when determining how much to tip.

Moving Costs

Take final moving costs into consideration. This is always a great guide to give you a baseline on the tipping expectations. A tip for an expensive dinner is usually more generous than a quick lunch. Think about it that way.

Handling the Tip at the End of the Move

We recommend giving the full tip directly to the foreman in the moving team who will then evenly distribute the tip among the crew. The crew should never attempt to solicit a tip directly or indirectly. If that occurs, please contact Customer Service immediately. Tips in cash are most appreciated. But we realize in today’s busy world, clients do not always have cash readily available. Alternative methods of tipping can be done via Credit Card through Customer Service, who will then split the tip evenly between the movers.

Additional Ways to Show Appreciation

In addition to cash tips, there are also other ways to express your appreciation to your movers. Below are some different ways to keep your movers’ energy level high enough throughout the relocation:

  • Offer refreshing beverages. Soda, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or a cold water is always appreciated.
  • Give them a bite to eat! Sandwiches, pizzas, and other snacks are very welcome.
  • Prepare your bathroom with enough paper towels and liquid soap for your movers’ use.
  • Thank each moving crew for the help they have done for your move. Your kind words and smile are much appreciated.
  • Leave a positive online review as a tip for a high-quality moving service. Reviews play an essential role for people looking for moving companies.

Just remember, a ‘thank you’ is nice. A good tip is nicer! Happy moving!