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Jesse Gartman, Founder of Veteran Movers.

I Founded Veteran On A Promise.

I founded Veteran Movers in 2011 after leaving the service. I wanted to support my fellow U.S. veterans by providing them with job opportunities and a future. Today, the organization is fully staffed by a “band of brothers” who, after serving their country overseas, is now serving New York City’s moving needs.

“No soldier left behind” is a military phrase that we live by. Veteran Movers promises, “No customer left behind.” We fulfill this promise through exceptional service delivered by a team of efficient, experienced, and reliable movers. We utilize modern moving technologies and trucks to ensure that customers’ belongings are transported safely and without compromise.

Our team of U.S. veterans bring unmatched experience and attention to detail. We treat all of our customers and their belongings with the utmost respect, because delivering a professional and seamless moving experience is what we do. Veteran Movers is more than just a name, it’s a promise.

I am proud to announce that Veteran Movers is joining forces with Roadway Moving – the top-rated moving company in New York. Thousands of New Yorkers have trusted Roadway to move and store their belongings for over a decade. Veteran Movers will be powered by the Roadway fleet and state-of-the-art moving technology in order to give you the best possible moving experience.

Jesse Gartman, Founder of Veteran Movers.
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From cross-town to cross-country, and residential to commercial, Veteran Movers treat your things like they’re our things. When choosing a moving company, NYC knows Veteran Movers are the best.

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