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Playing the piano is a great skill. It’s a great way to entertain guests and improve the ambiance of the room. Music from any types of pianos can also give a classic yet elegant feel to any event. However, you might not be able to say these positive things once you’re going to move your piano from one location to another. Moving itself is already a tiresome and time-consuming process and bringing a piano with you can make things worse. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about this because there are moving services which can take this responsibility off your shoulder. They will basically take care of moving your piano, allowing you to have more time and energy on your hands.


As mentioned, there are a handful of piano movers in the world today. Regardless if you’re living in a small town or busy city, you’ll surely find a professional who can move your grand pianos for you. To help you narrow down your search, make use of the following tips when hiring piano movers:

Piano Movers

  1.    Ask recommendations from friends and family.


Hiring piano movers in Brooklyn can be stressful because you’ll have several options to choose from. This is especially true if you don’t have any experience in hiring movers in Brooklyn. Make sure that you ask recommendations from your friends and family before hiring. Their experience can help you save time and effort in scouting through different piano movers.


  1.    Always ask about their experience.


Experience will always be the best teacher – this notion is still true when it comes to hiring piano movers in Brooklyn. More often than not, moving companies which have been in the industry for years have more experience compared to moving companies which just started operating in the industry. If you don’t want to hire a neophyte, make sure that you ask about the experience of the piano movers. If you’re moving long distance, say, to another country, you should hire piano movers who are adept in an international move. They should know what documents are needed in order to make the move as smooth as possible.


  1.    Inquire about the equipment used.


Aside from the experience and convenience, you’re hiring piano movers because you know that they have the right equipment to move your baby grand piano or any piano at all. Hiring a moving company which doesn’t have the equipment you’ve expected is a waste of time and money, so make sure that you always ask. If you already have a list on the piano movers you’re going to hire, take the time to ask each of them about the equipment they use. Don’t hesitate to ask any of these because as a customer, it’s your right to know. You would always want to hire a moving company who knows how to properly move your piano even with flights of stairs, and not damage it in any way.


  1.    Request for an estimate.


The price will always be an important deciding factor when you’re hiring a service. As a paying customer, you would always want to hire contractors which are reasonably priced but doesn’t compromise quality and customer service. Before deciding which piano mover to hire, always request for an estimate. Ask the piano movers how much are you going to pay them and what are the factors which can affect these costs.


While you’re at it, don’t forget to ask about their accepted payment method and terms. Do they

accept credit cards or only cash? Do they require full payment days before the move, or are they okay with paying a percentage of the total cost? Knowing this information will make it easy for you to financially prepare for their service. It’ll also help you avoid experiencing debt and serious financial problems in the long run.   


  1.    Give yourself some time.


As mentioned, you’ll be bombarded with several piano movers in your area. No matter your needs and budgets are, you’ll surely find a piano mover which fits the bill. However, this doesn’t mean that you should force yourself to pick an option just for the sake of it. If you already have a list of potential piano movers, never rush in making a decision unless you’re ready for it. You should use all the time you need in order to assess your options and carefully pick which among these are suitable for your needs.


Weigh Your Options First


As a customer, you should take the time to scout for options and compare their prices and services. Although it can be convenient to hire the first piano mover you come across with, have the patience and determination to always look for options. Get in touch with these movers and inquire as much information as you can. You should only hire a piano mover which provides excellent services at a reasonable price.

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