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Veteran Movers History

Founded in 2011

Veteran Movers NYC is unique among the host of moving companies that dot the New York landscape. It was founded in 2011 by a former Marine who, after leaving the service and working for a local moving company in Brooklyn, decided to branch out on his own. With the twin goals of owning his own moving company and supporting fellow US veterans by providing them with job opportunities at the same time, he established VMNYC. Today, the organization is fully staffed by a “band of brothers” who, after serving their country overseas, is now serving New York City’s burgeoning moving needs.

Never a Customer Left Behind

Taking a cue from the military credo “No soldier left behind,” Veteran Movers NYC promises, “Never a customer left behind.” It fulfills this promise through exceptional service delivered by a team of efficient, experienced, and reliable movers, through the utilization of modern moving technologies and properly equipped trucks to ensure that customers’ belongings are transported safely and without compromise, and through competitive pricing and accurate quotes from professional estimators.

According to Veteran Movers NYC, no job is too big or too small. They can move anything to anywhere, anytime. Whether customers are moving East Village studios or Park Slope brownstones, whether they’re relocating upstate or to Long Island, VMNYC can make it happen within the customers’ time frame and budget, without the stress usually associated with moving. That’s why VMNYC, while still a relatively young company, continues to grow with every move it handles. Through its professionalism, work ethic, and focus on customer satisfaction, it expands its customer base everyday.

Free Quote Online

VMNYC offers customers a Free Quote online, but advises them to provide any additional necessary details and information to secure the fairest and most accurate price for the job. Once VMNYC receives the info, it will provide the customer with a flat-rate quote (no surprise add-ons or hidden charges!) and will send a representative to answer the customer’s questions and guide him through the moving process.

Veteran Movers NYC: A win-win idea – for veterans looking for secure job opportunities and for NYC moving customers looking for a top-quality moving experience.

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Why move with Veteran?

From cross-town to cross-country, and residential to commercial, Veteran Movers treat your things like they’re our things. When choosing a moving company, NYC knows Veteran Movers are the best.

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