5 Tips on Packing Up Your Valuables

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Whether you’ve moving down the street or across the country, moving your most precious items always poses a challenge. From heirloom jewelry to antique furniture, the thought of damaging these pieces during transit can add ample stress to an already complicated move.


Thankfully, there are plenty of tried-and-true ways to prepare your priceless things so they get to their new home as beautiful as ever. Here are our five favorite tips for packing and preparing your valuables for a move.


1. Choose the Proper Containers


Especially for your most fragile belongings, not any old cardboard box will do. We highly recommend spending a few extra dollars to purchase containers specifically made for storing and moving breakable or easily damaged items. This often applies to:


  • China- Usually for less than $20, you can get a high-quality quilted china storage set, like this microfiber set from Richard’s Homeware. These padded containers will keep your dishware soft and snug, greatly minimizing the chances of slippage and chipping.
  • Silverware-For your antique silverware, use acid-free paper and individually wrap each piece. This will eliminate the chances of scratching and damaging the metal. If it’s a quick move, a plastic Ziploc bag wrapped tightly with a rubber band will work fine. For longer storage, consider a silver storage bag to reduce possible tarnishing.


Photographs-When packing and transporting antique photos, always store them flat and inside archival quality, acid-free envelopes or boxes, with archival quality paper separating them. Never use paper clips, rubber bands or other binding methods. Instead simply loosely stack them.



2. Properly Label Your Boxes & Take Inventory


The seemingly endless parade of moving boxes has finally arrived inside your new home. Now where the heck is everything?


At the tail end of stressful move, the last thing you need is to worry about where valuables like your great-grandmother’s wedding ring or priceless pictures might be hiding. Eliminate this worry by ensuring you properly label all of your boxes.


However, this doesn’t mean to always be explicit about what’s inside. Avoid writing things like “Expensive Antique Jewelry and Diamonds,” making it an easy target for theft. Though you should be choosing a trusted, certified moving service, this doesn’t eliminate chances of sharp-eyed thieves from seeing an easy payday. Instead, choose a broader label like “Grandma’s Things” or “Guest Room Items.”


For breakable items, also ensure the words “FRAGILE” and “THIS SIDE UP” are clear and prominent. Then inside each box, include a detailed inventory list of exactly what’s contained.


Also, create a separate “master” inventory list of each individual box and its items to check off once everything is moved in.



3. Disassemble Your Wood Furniture


Though this may not always be an option, if you can disassemble your wood furniture, definitely do. This will greatly reduce the chances of damage when moving furniture to its new home.


Carefully take it apart on top of a padded moving blanket to protect both your floors and your furniture. Once disassembled, wrap each piece separately with bubble wrap. Put all small pieces, including nuts, screws, bolts, etc. in a small plastic bag, and ensure you keep all pieces together.


Put everything in as few boxes as possible and carefully fill any loose space with additional bubble wrap. For additional protection, put a moving blanket over your furniture.



4. Properly Pack Your Paintings & Artwork


When packing artwork for moving, you’re going to need more than just plastic wrap. Be sure to avoid using any materials that could scratch or damage the artwork, like inky newspaper or parchment paper.


Instead, good old bubble wrap does a great job of protecting paintings, frames, and other artwork. Also, don’t wrap it up too tightly as this can trap moisture or damage the art.


Then pack each wrapped, protected piece into a mirror moving box that closely matches the size of the artwork. This will minimize any excessive movement and chances of damage enduring transport.



5. Ask An Expert


Why take the risk? When it comes to your treasured items, its often worth the extra expense to hire an expert who moves similar valuables every day. Especially for larger and fragile heirlooms, the piece-of-mind in knowing these pieces are in great hands is often priceless.


Looking for an exceptional, certified moving service in New York City that will move your precious items with the utmost care? Trust Veteran Movers NYC. Our team of military veterans specializes in residential and commercial relocations and great customer service. Get an online quote here, or call us today at (718) 383-8400.

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