House Moving Checklist – Essential Items To Check Before Leaving

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Whether you’re relocating within the city or even across the country, there are vital things which are worth doing. House moving, for instance, is a complicated task and you need to perform prior planning to get things done the right way. After all, you can’t just rush into your new house and get yourself settled easily. It’s imperative that you have an idea of what are the essentials to check before leaving your old home. So, here are the essential items that should be included in your house moving checklist.

  1. Basic cleaning supplies – Before relocating to your new house, be sure you’ve prepared all the basic cleaning supplies. Sometimes, the home you’re moving into isn’t as clean and ready when you arrive. Hence, it’s better to prepare and check all the supplies to bring with you. These items include paper towels, rags, cleaning spray, laundry detergent, and many more.
  2. Clothing hangers – Don’t forget to include this item in the checklist before leaving. When you pack up your belongings, make sure you load up all of the clothing hangers in a plastic bin. By doing so, you’ll know exactly where to find them in your new home. Otherwise, you find yourself looking through each of your boxes once you arrive. Remember, if you bring these hangers with you, you can hang you’re your clothes as soon as you unpack them. That way, you’ll not waste time looking for your garments from time to time.
  3. Toolkit – During the first week of living in your new home, you should have a toolkit on your side. Thus, whatever you do, be sure you bring this item with you. When hanging pictures on the way, you’ll probably need some tools like measuring tape or a utility knife. Ensure your toolkit includes items such as a hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, and measuring tape before leaving.
  4. Fire extinguisher – When it comes to house moving, your safety should always come first. When you’re testing out your kitchen during the first week in your new place, you should need a fire extinguisher on standby. Having a fire extinguisher in your kitchen can help prevent accidental fires that may possibly pop up after the relocation. So, it’s essential to check this item before you leave for the move.
  5. Batteries – Apart from your precious possessions, not having batteries on-hand will cause too much trouble within the first few days and nights. Although this may be an overlooked item when moving, you’re still going to need them for your flashlights and remote control.
  6. Dry foods – Before leaving for the move, bring some dry foods with you like biscuits, cookies, pieces of bread, and juices. If you have these items on-hand, you don’t need to worry about preparing some dishes when you reach your new house. So, get ready with these foods before the actual moving day.
  7. Medicines – Among other things, it’s vital to keep the first aid box with you. Make sure you have it handy so you can use it when the need arises. For possible ailments, you should keep medicines for stomach problems, cough, colds, and band-aids. Remember, all these things should be readily available.
  8. Chargers – Your electronic chargers may not be as important as your other stuff. But, this item shouldn’t be left behind in your former house for no good reason.  Be sure you put everyone’s charger and other charging devices into your moving boxes. Besides, no one in your family likes to spend their first week in your new house with an empty or dead phone.


Typically, whether you moving yourself or hiring a  moving company,  moving means doing it all from scratch. With this in mind, you should personal make the real effort to bring these items with you before leaving on a moving day. Otherwise, you’ll be out of luck within the first few days in your new place. No one wants to run back and forth to the grocery store just to buy these things. Therefore, make sure your planner provides a detailed checklist so you’ll stay organized all throughout the entire relocation process.

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