Moving From New York to Florida – Guide To Long Distance Moving

Moving From New York to Florida

Florida is a great place to live in. Known for its thriving economy, warm weather, and lack of income taxes, more people from other places move into the state to hop for a quality of life. It has been a famous destination for vacationers as well as New Yorkers who are looking to relocate and start life anew. However, when deciding to move from New York to Florida, it’s essential to plan and organise everything accordingly. Here’s everything you need to know when it comes to long distance moving.


How To Have A Successful Interstate Move From New York To Florida?

You’ve already decided. You’re about to relocate from New York to Florida. However, before the big day comes around, you need to consider several things to make the transition smoother, safe, and stress-free. Check these tips out.


  1. Have a plan.

The task of getting everything ready when moving from New York to Florida might feel so overwhelming and daunting. With that said, make sure to create a plan that will guide you throughout the moving process. So, stick with your plan if you want to have a successful interstate move.


  1. Purge your possessions.

Before moving from New York to Florida, check your closet and get rid of everything that you’ll not need. Cutting down your stuff will help reduce your moving costs as well as keep you move organised from start to finish.


  1. Pack early and efficiently.

Once you’re done with downsizing, it’s about time you let the packing begin. A few months before your official move-in date, collect moving boxes and other supplies. From there, you can start packing up. Box up those non-essential first such as books, décor, and other stuff to be followed by the essentials.


  1. Label the boxes accordingly.

Before you finish packing, make sure you mark each box correctly. Use coloured markers to describe what’s inside the boxes. This process will not only keep you organised from it’ll also help the moving company from New York to Florida to unload your belongings with ease.


  1. Schedule the move.

The earlier you plan for the logistics of your move, the better. Remember, the distance from New York to Florida is more than 1000 miles. That being said, it’s time to find a moving company from New York to Florida. Be sure the mover you’re hiring has a license and carries insurance to safeguard your possessions. There are professional moving companies out there who help NYC residents with interstate relocations especially the New York – Florida route.


How Much Does It Cost To Move From New York To Florida?

When moving, one of the primary considerations is the amount of money you’re going to spend for the relocation. Apart from hiring a moving company from New York to Florida which is indeed more costly than local moving, you also need to think about the cost of living and other related expenses associated with moving. So, here are a few tips to consider when it comes to the moving expenses:


  1. Taxes – In New York, you’re charged 25% of the federal tax, whereas, in Florida, there’s no income tax to speak about. When talking about the real estate taxes, NYC rates are measures in “percent” while Florida measures in “mils”.
  2. Housing – Houses in Florida are cheaper compared to NYC. For instance, you can get three bedroom-house for more or less $300K, while you need a couple of million to have a house in New York.
  3. Gas, energy, and oil – Typically, the costs of gasoline, power and fuel in Florida are less than half what’s with NYC. That’s because home heating isn’t really a necessity in Florida. In fact, air conditioning isn’t required in this area.
  4. Moving – Relocating out of state is undoubtedly expensive. On average, a long distance move of about 1,200 miles might cost more or less $5,600.00.



Moving from New York to Florida can be both exciting and challenging. However, by keeping these things in mind for your move, you’ll arrive and get settled in Florida smoothly. So, plan your interstate move well and enjoy a happy life you and your family deserve in the first place.

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