Policies & Disclaimer


We always prefer cash but we also accept cashiers/certified checks. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We do not accept Amex.

Cancelation Policy

All cancelations must be made within 72 hours to avoid a fee of $125.

End of the Month Moves

At the end of each month, the 25th-2nd, our schedule is packed full. There are hardly any days with less than two projects per truck. With this being said we will not be able to switch times for you. The chances are highly likely your crew will have another project after you that they will need to be on time for.


For minor damages we cannot file insurance claims. It is up to the client to seek replacement parts/repairs. Once we have an invoice for such occurrences is when you will be reimbursed upon a pre-determined agreement. We are fair, always. Everyone, please understand you cannot hire movers without some sort of risk involved. It’s up to the company to take the necessary steps to insure customer satisfaction.

Please inform us if your building management requires a certificate of insurance (COI) to operate on the premises, as this will need to be set up with your management company prior to your move date. This usually consists of us emailing a PDF formatted copy of our COI or fax. We carry a full cargo policy along with a general liability policy with 2,000,000 aggregate and 1,000,000 per occurrence. If you opt out of FULL VALUATION INSURANCE your cargo will be insured at the standard .60 cents per pound that comes with every move. Rest assured incidents like this rarely ever happen and we have yet to leave a customer unsatisfied. If you would like to discuss this policy in further detail please call our office at 347-737-8611.

*For highly valuable items please inquire about 3rd party insurance.

Flat Rates

Rates are flat and based on the description of the move. Therefore, it is PARAMOUNT for the inventory to be as complete and thorough as possible to ensure the fairest price. The more thorough and organized you are the easier it is for our crews to come in and handle the move unhindered. This also prevents price adjustments and delays that way we can always stick to our flat-rate, and our always tight scheduling. Any changes to your inventory (i.e. you end up having more/less items than you were quoted for) are no problem at all, but please let us know of them at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled time of your move so that we can adjust the price if necessary. For last-minute additional items, price changes made on site are priced the same as if made in office (without surcharges or unnecessary fees); all of our movers have full discretion to alter prices accordingly. We’re flexible! But accurate quotes in advance allow us to ensure not only fair prices but also more efficient scheduling when booking multiple jobs a day.

Be Fully Packed

If you agree to a FIXED RATE you must be PACKED before we get there. We realize that it’s hard to get everything done you need to get done living in this city but, with fixed rate moving it is paramount that you are 100% ready to go by the time we arrive, unless you have previously contracted us for partial or full packing services. If you are not packed to the point where it impedes the progress of move and it’s noticeable immediately upon arrival, we reserve the right to walk away (has yet to happen), or negotiate a new fixed rate to take only what is packed. This is only because we are dedicated to customer service, and part of customer service is being on time to every job. This policy is strictly implemented. Thanks for your understanding.

Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous items MUST be packed. This not only makes for more efficient moving but also protects your belongings. Our insurance does not cover household goods that are broken or damaged that were not packed inside a corrugated box. If a certain item does not fit in a box that is perfectly fine, we can insure that it will be moved safely but if it can be packed we highly recommend packing it. If items are not packed properly you may incur additional fees for materials as moving unpacked items almost always delays the moving process. Thanks for your cooperation.

*We highly recommend using boxes as opposed to garbage bags*


Furniture wrapping is always included in the quote. This goes for TV’s as well. Large furniture that is self-assembled can be unstable and we recommend that it be disassembled ahead of time. If you’d prefer to take the risk of moving this kind of furniture whole, please understand that we are not responsible for any damage that may occur. Anything that is too large to fit through your doorway such as wooden bed frames, entertainment centers, wardrobes, furniture that had to be assembled within your apartment, etc. must be disassembled, either by you or by us. And please empty out dressers, cabinets, etc. *this is hard on the structural integrity of your furniture.

***Important*** If doors have to be removed to fit furniture through, or items must be hoisted out of or into a space,you are subject to an increase of up to 15% of the cost of your move. Please measure dimensions of any questionable items.

Ikea Style Home Assembled Furniture

We are not responsible for furniture made of particle board or compressed wood i.e. Ikea furniture. Furniture made from these materials tend to lose their stability and structural integrity over time, especially if the item has been moved more than once over a long period. We of course take extremely good care of all of our client’s furniture and handle everything with the utmost care. If your crew is at fault, we will assess the situation accordingly and come to agreement on reimbursement.

*A GOOD TIP* It is a very good idea to go through any IKEA/Self Built furniture and tighten up all connections. Screws, and cam locks loosen over time through vibration and general use so finding the allen key you used to construct the piece and giving everything a turn or two can help keep your furniture in tact. Thanks!


Please specify whether your elevator is small or requires going down a flight of stairs from the street to a basement level. Labyrinth hallways or any obstruction that could prolong your move should also be mentioned so each move can be scheduled properly. This will also be included in your final quote. You are subject to fees if not mentioned before day of move.


Tolls are for roundtrip.

Street Closures and Construction

Please specify whether you’re moving to/from a storage facility, lofted area, or street on which there is construction, scaffolding, or anything else that would affect the time-length of the move. There will be a 15% (minimum $60) if your street is blocked off.

Parking Tickets

We hold the client fully responsible for all parking tickets given in the metro area. It is our responsibility to make sure that we are parked in a non-precarious space, but when getting a ticket is imminent the only way to avoid it is to have you, the client sit in or near the truck to ward off approaching traffic police. If we do receive a ticket during your move you will be responsible for 100% of the applied fine. Thank you for your cooperation.


We usually work in all weather conditions. We worked through all the snow storms, hurricanes, you name it. If rain is of concern to you we can try to reschedule the move if possible. Otherwise we will be doing everything we can to transport your inventory nice and dry.

Police Precinct & Firehouse Parking
Please notify us if you are moving out of or onto the same street as a NYPD precinct or FDNY fire station as this affects standing and loading availability.


Price does not include tip.

We look forward to moving you!

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