Moving Tips


If you are packing your own items, please make sure everything is packed before we get there. It impedes the progress of the move when not everything is packed and organized prior to your movers showing up. We allot ourselves the proper amount of time it takes to ensure we produce professional results, but the only way this can be achieved is if you do the same by making sure you yourself are prepared.

Empty Furniture

Take clothes and other belongings out of dressers/cabinets and pack them separately. This will help insure not only the safe transport of the item, but will also help it stay intact.

Fragile Items

Try to make sure that glassware and fragile items are packed properly if you are packing yourself. Using last week’s New York Times for packing paper would probably do the trick, otherwise we would love to sell you our packing paper, along with any other essential moving supplies you may need.


It’s always much appreciated when boxes are separated from the furniture, i.e. on opposite sides of a room. Moving furniture is a very mental process for our men, so when we show up to see things organized and ready to be systematically removed, it’s very pleasing to the eyes and morale is instantly raised. Not a bad trick to ensure a pleasant work environment for your guys.

Building Policies

When booking a move out-of or in-to a building that requires a certificate of insurance, please be sure and relay the proper materials needed to submit the document to your management. Sometimes a potential client may not think to ask if a certificate of insurance is required for moving companies to operate on the premises, and we are unable to gain access to the building the day-of. It’s always good to ask your landlord or management company if a certificate of insurance is necessary.


Now just sit back, relax and let the vets take charge.

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